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  • Arrive in Style for your School Prom Night
  • Clean Limos Inside & Out
  • Friendly & Professional Drivers
  • Reliable and Cost Effective Limo Services

H2 Hummer Limos

You may be finding it very difficult to find the right Limo! Lucky for you we have what you need so look no further. Check out our entire H2 Hummer Limo Fleet to see what can suit you on your big day. Why not book a White H2 Hummer Limo to go from your home directly to your school prom and arrive on the red carpet where your whole school will be awaiting your arrival. School Prom Limo hire has a variety of colours to choose from so take a look NOW!

Party Bus Limos

School Proms are becoming very popular which makes most people want something extraordinary to arrive at their school prom. Some people hire a fire engine, ambulance, police cars and many more so why not be different and hire this amazing School Prom Party Bus Limo to enjoy dancing and shouting all the way to your school prom! School Prom Limo Hire covers any where in the UK so be quick and have a party on the way to your prom!


Prestige Limos

There are many good reasons to why you may want a School Prom Prestige Limo! We have a choice of many Prestige Limousines to choose from such as Baby Bentleys, Stretch Chrysler Limos, Lincoln Limosuines and Range Rover Sports. Why not plan your day with your friends and have one these glamorous Limos take you for something to eat in your local town and to be taken straight on to your school prom.